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Feature Films

dig it



Six working class guys in their mid-20s from inland southern California head to Manhattan Beach, California for a day of surf and sand. When the ragtag group of lifelong buddies makes it to the beach, they are awed by the oasis of pristine sand, endless sunshine, and shimmering water. And their leader, Jerry, is in awe of the local girl, Kristy. A series of mishaps ends with a challenge to play in the local 6-Man Volleyball Tournament. But without the $1,200 entry fee and any volleyball skills, the guys won't consider it. When Jerry makes an impassioned plea, the guys decide to show those rich kids what's what. But is passion and drive enough to win the 6-Man Tournament -- and the girl?

in plain view



Story of Butchie Wells, a decorated, retired Boston detective who didn't always follow the rules to get convictions. Butchie is drawn out of retirement when his ex-partner is brutally executed with five bullets to the forehead in the sign of the cross. As Butchie tracks the killer, he uncovers ties to the Russian mob and the thriving sex slave trade and the corruption surrounding The Big Dig. On top of everything else, he has to find his ex-partner's killer soon -- he's been diagnosed with cancer.

middleton misfits


Molly Murphy, 16, is having the time of her life until she is met with the most devastating news possible: Both her parents were tragically killed in an auto accident.  Molly moves in with her grandmother, 400 miles away, and starts over. She tries to make friends at her new school, but is quickly labeled a "misfit" by the popular girls.  Pops Diamond, the school janitor, notices Molly in the gym one afternoon shooting 3-point hoops. With Molly’s help, Pops starts and coaches the school’s first girl’s basketball team. Molly is quickly joined by many of the other outcaste girls in the school, forming The Middleton Misfits.

whispers in the wind


A cop goes into an alley. A shot rings out. As his life is slipping away he remembers a promise he made to his daughter, Amber "I'll always be around to protect you, Pumpkin". His life slips away. Amber is mad at the world and won't forgive her dad for breaking his promise. Her dad's best friend and the Police Department give her a horse. Then something magical happens. She finds out he kept his promise.

hunting brandon


Brandon Lester is a typical teenage boy who love sports, video games, and  looks at school as a necessary evil. There is one quality that distinguishes him from mainstream America...Brandon is a full blooded Navajo Indians and live on a reservation outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico.The elders of the Tribe have recently become concerned over the apathy shown by Brandon worry  that the culture will be lost when this new generation takes over.

After a  promise made to his father, Brandon is thrown in to an adventure that will change his life forever.  Along with his best friend Robbie Pearblossom, they  must  use all that has been passed down to them in order to survive.  Determined to  make their ancestors proud, the boys use the handed down skills of young braves from the past.  And with a little help from their classmates, Brandon & Robbie save  themselves, their homes, and the long held traditions of the Tribe.