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SEVENTH HEAVEN meets the softer side of GLEE in this family dramedy about four high school friends just trying to get through life.  Their interactions with each other, their families and their classmates are never easy but this series shines a light on life lessons that are always important to embrace.  If the storylines seem familiar, that's because they are drawn from The Bible and presented in a way that touches modern day audiences. This is intended for entire  families to watch together, making it unique in today's entertainment landscape. 

the retro life

Meet the women of THE RETRO LIFE who live their lives like it's 1957...every day!  They are  Burlesque Performers, Pin-Up Dolls, Car Club Enthusiasts, Elvis Impersonators and  Roller Derby Queens and It's all about Vintage Clothes, Vintage Cars, and Vintage Furniture.  Follow the cast as they try to live life the way it rolled in the Eisenhower Years  but that's not so easy to do.  You will love watching these strong and powerful women deal with today's world as they try to carve out a place in a society that sees them as freaks!  And maybe they are..after all, their motto is clear and simple and harkens back to the bad girls of the 1950's B Movies...Live Fast-Die Awesome!

tales from cat city

crime/ drama

Golden Globe & Tony Winner Brian Dennehy reprises his role as Harold Vas, broken down Private Eye who lives the life of a hermit in an old Airstream Trailer on by the Salton Sea. He also cleans up the lives of Palm Spring’s Rich and Famous. Too proud to go to the police, the residents of this Mecca in the Desert count on keeping their dirty secrets private but will pay plenty to get results. And this old time Gum Shoe Detective, who doesn’t play by the rules, never lets them down.

plan B

dramatic comedy

Didi Foster, a middle aged, middle-class working mother of two teenagers makes a fateful decision one night and pays the ultimate price: she spends five years in prison and, in the process, loses her job, loses family and loses her identity. How do you reconnect to the world, your family and yourself after everything you hold dear is taken away?

'Twas The Night

historical comedy

‘Twas the Night chronicles what transpired on the eve of history’s most important events... taking a few creative liberties along the way.