All the Right Moves Workshop

ALL THE RIGHT MOVES is a half-day workshop that teaches students proven sales and management techniques from the world of business. Mastering these skills provides the crucial edge in staying ahead in the entertainment industry. Students will use skill-building situational improv exercises supplemented by film clips from popular movies to identify and master tried and true methods used by the world’s top Fortune 500 Sales People.

We’re all in sales. The product is different but the process is the same. C3A’s fast-paced interactive multi- media presentation covers a range of pertinent topics including:

  • Dealing With Gatekeepers

  • The Shawshank Philosophy

  • Who’s Your Rabbi

  • Know Your Territory

  • Connecting Versus Schmoozing

  • Mining The End Credits

Students utilize their existing talents to acquire real-life business skills that can be immediately applied to improve their professional communication and strategic thinking, and increase their confidence. They leave the workshop fully prepared to launch and run their careers.

This workshop is essential for entry-level students focussed on success, as well as experienced actors, writers, and everyone in the creative world.